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Hiring A Tree Company


Things to Be Aware of When Hiring a Tree Company

"Topping" Trees

Topping trees (cutting off the top) to reduce their size is bad science, and not recommended. Some companies use this very wrong method to reduce the height of a tree. Topping ruins the health and appearance of a tree. It causes rapid growth of weak "sucker" branches around the topped trunks or limbs. Frequently, insects and rot will attach the blunt ends of topped leaders or branches.
Our arborists and technicians are well trained in proper trimming techniques and industry standards to avoid damage to your trees. The only time a tree should be topped is when it is necessary to clear the tree from electrical lines. Expert trimming can reduce the height of a tree while maintaining tree health and a natural appearance. Be sure to insist that your trees not be topped!
Man using Chainsaw to Cut Tree — Tree Removal in Raymore, MO
Pruning Trees

Technical Rigging or "Chop & Drop"

Be aware that not all tree companies use technical rigging techniques to lower limbs or trunks. Instead, many use the crude "chop and drop" method, which can result in danger to people or property
Because of the extreme weight and length of large limbs or trunks, as well as their unpredictable path of descent if merely chopped and dropped, such methods make their removal hazardous.
At Mike’s Tree Service and Landscaping, we ensure the safety of removals by using specialized systems of ropes, pulleys, and lowering devices lower limbs or trunks to the ground, protecting workers, building, wires, lawn and nearby trees.